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Tuck Shop

Ambika Hills is a self-sufficient community. We ensure that all your daily needs are well provisioned for at out department store, the “Tuck Shop”. Here you will find milk, tea, cheese, bread, coffee, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, and all other essential commodities of your need. Our aim is to provide you fresh, healthy and top-quality products.

There are various benefits of buying from the local tuck shop at Ambika Hills as you will not boost the local economy but will also only make a good relation with the local community.

Apart form this, you will find a much eco-friendlier approach to packaging at the tuck shop making it a much more ethical way to shop.
Daily Needs & Groceries Near
The Tuck Shop at Ambika Hills is well stocked with almost all daily need items from household products to beauty and makeup from all leading super brands. Apart from that, you can buy fresh dairy and bakery products.

We have taken away all the stress associated with shopping for daily need and grocery items. You may choose to prepare a list of all the essential daily requirement and grocery items you require, and we will have it delivered to your doorstep from the Tuck Shop.

If there is something you require, and even if it is not available at the time, please offer us some time, and we will try to procure it from the local market in near Solan district.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Ambika Hills is a self-sustained community, and we grow fresh vegetables and fruits in and around Ambika Hills Valley. This makes it easier for you to procure farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

The strategic location of the Ambika Hills makes it more convenient for us to get various locally grown fruits and vegetables in and around Solan district like fresh apples, pears, cherries, etc.

To make the most out of your mountain life, if you want to go to the farm and procure fresh fruits and vegetables yourself. You may do so by visiting the local farms, take the fruits and vegetables and then pay the farmer. This not only helps to boost the local community but also helps in strengthening a bond with the locals.

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