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Even though Himachal Pradesh is a very pleasant and secure place to stay, we at Ambika Hills do not leave things to chance. We value both you and your precious belongings, and to ensure that you are in safe hands at all times, the entire Ambika Hills has been backed with HD – CCTV Cameras that map every yard of the estate.

Apart from the CCTV Cameras, Ambika Hills is a single-gated community with electric fencing all around. The entire estate has a high level of security guards to ensure that not anyone or everyone can come through.

So, Ambika Hills is the best place for you to stay, where you can sleep easy and peacefully, knowing that you are safe at all times.
Single-Gated Community
Ambika Hills is a single-gated community that is heavily guarded and has a closed perimeter of walls and fences to offer you complete security and peace of mind. The entrance is strictly controlled for pedestrians, bicycles and automobiles, and not everyone is allowed through the gates.

Moreover, as Ambika Hills is a gated community, it offers higher property value and higher security & privacy. Being a gated community, there is a greater sense of awareness, and hence the community as a whole is close-knit.

Not only that, your children are also safe at Ambika Hills even if they are playing outside or having a walk along the road within the estate as the roads have been designed for safe and slow driving.
CCTV Cameras
Security is the chief concern at Ambika Hills to ensure the overall safety of both you and your belongings. Although Ambika Hills is heavily guarded, but guards provide an element of protection on the ground level — their eyes and ears are not extensive enough to give a thorough view of the entire premises. This is where CCTV Cameras step in to ensure your overall safety.

The entire Ambika Hills has been backed with numerous CCTV cameras to identify, track and prevent any culprit from carrying out criminal activity of any kind. It not only helps in preventing camera, but they also help in creating evidence for law authorities to take action.

The cameras also aid in identifying any natural alterations inland or terrain.
Intercom Facility
We at Ambika Hills use intercom systems to develop two-way communications throughout the estate for efficient communication. The intercom speakers are placed at a strategic point in your home to make it easy for everyone at home to receive a message simultaneously.

These intercom systems help in increasing the level of security by allowing secure access to your home. Rather than allowing anyone to enter your home, you can easily see and communicate with the person standing outside your home and inform the security office in case of an unauthorised person.

Moreover, you can also communicate with your neighbours, the tuck shop or any other part of the Ambika Hills using the intercom facility.
State-of-the-art Security Systems
Every home at Ambika Hills comes with the best quality home security system to ensure that we can best protect your valuables and your loved ones.

The home security system has an alarm that scares off many would-be burglars and notifies the security officials if someone does attempt a break-in. Having the security system at Ambika Hills protects you and helps make the entire neighbourhood a safer place for everyone.

Let’s assume that you are away from your home at Ambika Hills, but you are curious to know what is happening in and around your home. You can easily monitor everything in real-time using a third-party app on your mobile device.
Fire Security Systems
All the buildings at Ambika Hills are equipped with fire security systems to ensure the complete safety of your loved ones. We also have a fire-fighters office within the estate, along with having our fire-fighting mobile.

Apart from that, Ambika Hills is situated at a very strategic location, and there are several HP Government Fire Stations around Ambika Hills – at Baldeyan (9 km), Chotta Near Solan district (22 km), Near Solan district (25 km), Boileauganj (30 km), and Sunni (30 km), which can be called upon in case of an emergency.

So, you and your family can feel secure knowing the fire alarm system’s monitoring never stops; we will give our best to saves lives and protect your assets from being destroyed.

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