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Narkanda is a small town and a Nagar panchayat in Shimla district. Although small, but ever bursting with a wealth of natural grandeur this place has a lot to offer to everyone. Narkanda also has a mythological significance as the Pandavas resided here during their banishment.

This beguiling town is situated at an altitude of 2708 Mts and is surrounded by the Mighty and Gorgeous Shivalik Range. It attracts a large number of travelers every year because of its exquisite natural splendour, opulent woodland and winter sports activities.

Narkanda is located at a distance of 73.9 Kms from Auramah Valley and 62.2 Kms from Shimla.

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in Narkanda

The weather in Narkanda remains salubrious throughout the year and that gives a freedom to the travelers to explore the region in full depth.

Narkanda is quite popular for its Apples, Skiing and Trekking. The adventure enthusiasts can enjoy a trek to Hatu Peak and the people who are not ready for a long hike can settle for a gentle walk around the town and the forests slopes of Narkanda. Travelers can also engage themselves in shopping and can buy the Traditional Himachali Shawls, Pullans, Pattoos and Caps from the local market.

The Tani Jubbar Lake and the Stokes Apple Farm are few other notable tourist spots that offer a pleasant and an alluring experience to the visitors.
the Hatu Peak
Hatu Peak is unarguably the highest peak in Shimla/Narkanda region and is located at an altitude of 3400 Mts/11155 Ft above the sea level. It rests on the Shimla-Rampur highway at an approximate driving distance of 73 Km from Naldehra. Hatu Peak is aesthetically placed amidst a dense and mystic woodland of Fir. Spruce. Aspen, Cedar and Maple trees.

The mountaintop is at a distance of 7 Km from Narkanda town. From here either you can hire a taxi or can drive your car or bike to reach the top of the hill. Do keep in mind that it’s quite a narrow and dangerous driving track, so you have to be confident about your driving abilities. The trek will take you across some of the stunning landscapes of the surrounding areas. There is also an HPTC tourist lodge which offers accommodation to the travelers.
Hike to
Jau Bagh
Jau Bagh is a perfect campsite which is located to the southeast of Hatu Temple. An hours walk from the Hatu Temple will take you to the dazzling grassland of gorgeous Jau Bagh. This awe-inspiring place offers picturesque views of lush green deodar forests and snow-capped mountains on all sides.

It’s a perfect haven for the individuals who want to break the cycle of their recurrent city life. It is essential that you are well prepared for the trip. Do carry all the utilities such as a first aid kit, medicines, raincoat, torch, trekking shoes, warm clothes, food and fresh water. There are also few operators who organize periodic camping activities at Jau Bagh. Altogether it’s a beautiful place to spend a weekend holiday with your kins and pals.
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Narkanda is world famous for its Skiing and Winter sports activities. The skiing history of Narkanda dates back to 1980. HPTDC conducts skiing courses every year under the safety and supervision of its qualified instructors.

The high and handsome slopes of the hills give an equal opportunity to the beginners as well as experienced skiers to relish themselves into a thrilling and unforgettable adventurous experience. The most appropriate time to enjoy skiing is during the winter season. It is advisable for all the travelers to carry good quality, warm and waterproof clothes and shoes. Altitude sickness may also affect some of the travelers, so it is preferable to undergo some specific medical tests. Follow all the safety measures, act according to the directions of your instructor and stay safe all the time.
Tani Jubbar
Tani Jubbar Lake is an exquisite treasure which is decoratively placed at a distance of 12 Km from Narkanda. Its an oval-shaped, artificial water fed lake and is embraced by benevolent hills daubed with spruce and pine trees. It’s a perfect picnic spot where you can lay back, relax and enjoy the weather, surroundings and the beguiling lake.

It’s also an excellent place where you can even get some exemplary photographs. Tani Jubbar Lake is also famous for the Nag Devta Temple. Not only the locals but a lot of people from the surrounding areas too pay a regular visit to offer their prayers to the Nag Devta. The surrounding of the lake provides a perfect spot to pitch a tent and spend a tranquil night with your loved ones. You can also explore the village of Mailan, an old world classical locale which is just 20 Minutes walk away from the lake.
the Mahamaya Temple
Mahamaya Temple is symbolically placed on the top of the hill in the customary land of Kacheri village. It is located at a distance of 7 Km from Narkanda. The Mahamaya Temple symbolizes the idol of Goddess Kali and allures a lot of devotees from all across the nation.

Built by the king of Sundarnagar inside the royal palace there, its architectural style is similar to that of a fort. The eloquent Temple is surrounded by the solemn Himalayas and is a perfect place for introspection as well as to establish a spiritual connection with the divine. The Kacheri village is also renowned for its apples. You can spend an excellent day out with your family exploring the apple orchards and learning about the varied culture and traditions of the village.
Kotgarh & Thanedar
Kotgarh is a beautiful village in Himachal Pradesh which is located at a distance of 15.4 Km from Narkanda and 80.6 Km from Naldehra. Thanedar is another picturesque village in the same region, which is merely 6 Km away from Kotgarh. Kotgarh and Thanedar are located about 6500 Feet and 8000 Feet above the sea level respectively.

In 1916, a social worker from Philadelphia, Mr. Samuel Stokes, popularly known as Mr. Satyanand Stokes introduced apples to this region and made it the first place in India to grow apples. In addition to the apple orchards, this belt is also famous for its temples, the church as well as for fruits like cherry and strawberry. Apart from these, these villages are also famous for its scenic beauty.
the Stoke’s Farm
Stokes Farm is located in Thanadar village and is world famous for its magnificent apple orchards. It is a significant tourist attraction and is relatively near to Narkanda. Mr. Satyanand Stokes an American who later on settled in India started apple cultivation in this region. As a result of his initiative and efforts today Himachal Pradesh has become a significant exporter of apples.

This farm stands as a symbol of recognition of his efforts and contribution that has played a substantial role in the socioeconomic development of the State. The mysteriously attractive Stokes Farm is spread over a vast land and is famous for a wide variety of apples. The farm remains accessible throughout the year.
the Bhima Kali Temple
Shri Bhima Kali Temple is located in Sarahan, a small village in Himachal Pradesh which is popularly known as the gateway of Kinnaur. This time-worn town is aesthetically placed at an altitude of 2100 Mts above the sea level and is at a driving distance of 104 Km from Narkanda and 143 Km from Naldehra. Bhima Kali Temple has been named after a local deity, Bhimakali Ma.

It is a significant tourist attraction and is famous for its unique wooden architectural design. Apart from the main temple, there are three more temples within the temple complex which are dedicated to Lord Raghunath, Patal Bhairva, and Narsingh. Bhima Kali Temple offers lodging facilities to the travelers. However, you can also stay at HPTDC ‘s hotel which is located near to the temple premises.
Drive to
Jalori Pass
Jalori Pass in an incredible mountain pass that connects Shimla district to Kullu valley. It is situated in Kullu district at an altitude of 3120 Mts above the sea level. The total driving distance from Narkanda to Jalori Pass and Naldehra to Jalori Pass is 88.7 Km and 122 Km respectively. On the top of the pass, there are few restaurants and the famous Jalori Mata Temple.

The pass usually remains closed during the peak winter months and opens in and around March. Considering the uneven terrain and bumpy roads you should strictly follow all the driving safety tips. It is advisable to bring a 4*4 vehicle. Alternatively, you can also hire a local cab. You can pay a visit to Shringa Rishi Temple, Chehni Kothi, and can also explore the other marvels of the region such as Serolsar Lake, Tirthan Valley, and the Great Himalayan National Park.
Serolsar Lake
The magnificent Serolsar Lake is beautifully nestled amidst the dense alpine forest of Jalori Pass. It is located at an altitude of 3199 Mts above the sea level and is 5 Km away from Jalori Pass. It is a moderate, short distanced trek and can be quickly done in 2 hours time.

The trek to the hilltop will take you through the lush green valley and a primitive abandoned village. On the top of the mountain, you will witness the majestic Serolsar Lake and an ancient Temple of Buddha Nagini. According to some local beliefs, the lake water is believed to have therapeutic properties. There is also a small food joint on the top where you can find tea, Maggie and a variety of snacks. The surrounding area of the lake is also an ideal place for camping. It’s a must visit site if you are planning a trip to Jalori Pass.
Kinnaur, The Land of Gods, is a beautiful district of Himachal Pradesh and is located at a driving distance of 195 Km from Narkanda and 233 Km from Naldehra. The entire region of Kinnaur is encircled by the striking mountain ranges of Zanskar, Himalayas, and Dhauladhar. Kinnaur is world famous for its scenic beauty, rivers (Satluj, Baspa, and Spiti), diverse landscapes, lush green valley’s, Rocky Mountains and snow covered peaks.

The culture of Kinnaur is quite varied. It is a perfect blend of Hinduism and Buddhism tradition as you will find a lot of Hindu Temples and Buddhist Monasteries in the entire region. Every year it attracts a lot of adventure enthusiasts from all across the world for activities like trekking and skiing. Apart from it, Kinnaur is also famous for its rich culture, tradition, heritage, apples, handloom and handicraft materials.

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