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Manor – The Club House

The clubhouse at Ambika hills may have a stiff upper lip, but it’s got a soul that is warm and welcoming. You can begin your evening in the billiards room or in the leisurely card rooms and then enjoy sitting by the refreshing pool. You may also choose to relax and unwind yourself at “Aura” – the spa.

Seek solace and seclusion in the library, enjoy the finest malt in the BBC Bar, or just watch a movie in the theatre and as the sun goes down, call it a day with dinner cooked on the deck overlooking the valley. All this is mere perfection at your fingertips.

With 22 luxury apartments, “The Stable” can also host your friends, while you stay in your nest at the Ambika hills

So the Club House is the perfect place to hangout and socialise.
Relax, detoxify and rejuvenate at the Auramah Salon. We understand what it means to feel confident and confidence is more than just beauty — it’s bold, yet timeless; smart, but never condescending.

Our beauty services range from the basics like haircuts and waxing to more luxurious treatments like body spa and natural facials. Our hair and beauty experts use only quality products and state-of-the-art equipment that ensure a great experience for our customers.

We are committed to offer the quality best service and in helping you uncover your confidence and live beautifully from the outside in. We also assure you a great experience at our salon with soaking, exfoliation, massage, masque and a moisturizer.
You are in itself the best work of art and hence you should love yourself more than anything else. So, we at the Auramah Spa, have all the essential ingredients that will help you relax, revitalize and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

There are quite a few valuable plants and herbs growing in these mountains and you will experience restored wellness with Ayurveda. You may also choose to select one of our carefully designed beauty therapies for skin nourishment and radiance.

You may also enjoy snow baths with a piping hot shower, to rejuvenate your body from its core. There are ladies and gents wet sections with their respective Steam and Sauna. Relax in the quiet lounge, after your relaxing treatments, sip herbal tea or take a deep sleep.
Heated Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
Water makes you weightless, and it is a wonderful feeling to simply float along. In our light-flooded swimming pool, you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the Himalayan mountain ranges from new angles.

The heated pool with a Jacuzzi at the Club house has a double height ceiling, beautifully detailed mosaic floors and artistic chandeliers. The large Glass windows separate you and the grassland, with magnificent views of the valley. Open these windows and allow the hills to roll in.

Attached to the indoor heated swimming pool is an outdoor deck, which allows you to soak in the sun, relax and rejuvenate while enjoying breathtaking views of the snow capped mountains.
Cards Room
A cards room is a must in a club culture. Get your best hand ready and spend hours with your neighbors (now good friends) playing cards in the well-appointed cards room with 9 tables.

The Card Room with its spacious and elegant interiors is located on the second floor of The Club. The Cards Room has something for everyone, from beginners to experts, and offers you a chance to experience the excitement of playing various card games either in live play or tournament formats.

You will enjoy cocktail service and table-side dining. There is a separate dedicated area and tables for smokers. Moreover, the Cards Room has been enhanced with state-of-the-art furnishings and there are lots of TV screens surrounding the area broadcasting the day’s sports games.
Play Area
With an exclusive area for playing your favourite indoor game, the Club House, you will surely be entertained. You may choose to challenge your friends or family members for a game of pool or billiards. Or if you’re not in a mood for billiards, then you may get engrossed in a game of chess.

The play area at the Club House has something for everyone, so you may even choose to play various board games with your family or challenge your friends family over a game of ludo, monopoly, scrabble, uno, battleship, Scotland Yard, etc.

If you’re in a mood to play a more lively game, then delve into a game of carrom. Apart from these, you may also choose to play table tennis, flag football, etc.
Movie Theatre
Life has never been so convenient and luxurious for a movie fanatic in Shimla. You may enjoy watching your favourite movie with your friends and family at our Gold Standard, 40 seater movie theater.

All you need to do is grab a bucket of hot popcorn from the vending machine and slouch in our comfortable lounge chairs and watch movies ranging from the Classics to the latest. Enjoy a rich cinematic experience with a blend of powerful images and sound technologies that combine with cutting-edge, reserved recliners to transform each show into a completely captivating cinematic event.

Fancy a unique party? Why not stream your favourite movie for those who matter to you and enjoy the privilege of choosing food and drinks from our extensive menu.
Ambika hills promotes outdoor living. Though there is a well equipped indoor gymnasium, there are several outdoor gyms as well. The Club House at Ambika hills caters to everyone from those new to exercise, the fitness conscious, to the performance athletes. We have well-trained professional trainers who offer personalized fitness regimes tailor-made to suit the needs of all body types. So, it is not just about weight loss or building muscle. We take a holistic approach to ensure that you stay fit and healthy. Spend time amidst nature and get on to the outdoor treadmill or the cross trainer, and breath the pristine air while you sweat it out. Apart from this, we have taken special care to include separate changing rooms, steam, sauna, shower and locker facilities for both men and women.

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